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Hoy there! In this post I am going to talk about Google Cardboard. It is a Virtual Reality gadget that works with your phone. There are many apps in the App Store/Google Play Store that works with this gadget. This little awesome gadget is completely made out of cardboard! Except if you count the glass, the Velcro and the magnet of course.

This wonderful little gadget let you see Virtual Reality on your phone after you download any VR app. I’ll give you a suggestion. Try Legendary VR from Legendary Pictures. It includes Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot, Crimson Peak and Warcraft: Skies of Azeroth. For me, the best one was Jaeger Pilot since you get to pilot a Jaeger. Here’s a screenshot!


Cool, hm? You can get this awesome little gadget for $14 on Amazon, but I got mine and my sister’s for free on Google Hackfair Indonesia. So there was a mini-event for kids called Codelabs and we did Minecraft at Level 12 was HARD! The first one to finish was a kid called Kiev. Oh, here’s a photo of the Google Cardboard.


Since you cannot reach the phone while you are viewing Google Cardboard, it has magnet controls! Flick down the magnet and release it and it’s just the same as tapping on your phone! Google Cardboard is absolutely AMAZING and I recommend it!

Psst! Over here! I got a tip! If an app has a step that scans your viewer, just SKIP IT! It will make the thing go dizzy and you can’t view it! It will make the vision horrible. To reset it, you have to reinstall the app, so DON’T SCAN! I’m warning ye!

Ooh one more thing for this review, there are instructions on how to build it!

P.S: I’m wondering, did anyone go to Google Hackfair yesterday? It was AMAZING! Lots of inventions! There was a drone-tracking device and a game that is made for Google Cardboard!

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