What is Grit? A Book Review

what is grit

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance (Chapter 1 Review)

It starts out talking about this military academy who only accepts a very small amount of people through filters.

But a lot people drop out in the first few months because of a thing called beast barracks.

A psychologist guy went to research why these people kept dropping out by asking newly-enrolled students to create stories with themselves as the main character, thinking that there will be a difference between the will-be dropouts and the ones who make it through. Most of them made stories that were good enough to read but made no relation to what they do in real life.

Then there was another psychologist that researched the same thing. They had these things called whole candidate scores that basically tallies their intelligence from exams.

People who got high or low scores had the same chance of them dropping out, so it wasn’t related. What mattered wasn’t skill or intelligence, it was the thing to never give up.

They said people who are successful were never satisfied with themselves, so they kept trying to improve.

Then they made a Grit Scale that measured how people handle when under pressure or when they are tasked with something long-term. It was successful in predicting who dropped out or stayed.

So the conclusion is no matter how skilled, smart or talented you are, you couldn’t get anywhere without having the grit to go through the process.

To continue reading next chapter, please visit GRIT Chapter 2: DISTRACTED BY TALENT. Every chapter is written in one post. So keep updated.

Written by Naufal Ghazi

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