The White’s Tree Frog

White’s tree frog is an Australian frog. It is larger than most Australian frogs because it can grow up to 10 cm or more in length. In captivity (like zoo, aquarium, pet, etc.) it can live up to 16 years (WOW) and that is WAYY longer than other frogs. It’s usually found on windows or in houses, eating the bugs that are attracted to light. It squeaks when touched and screams when a predator comes near so it scares it off.

Because it’s appearance (it’s kinda cute) and behaviour (squeaks and screams when touched) it’s a very popular pet, yet it isn’t endangered. On the skin it has some kind of antibacterial liquid (ooh that means it’s sterile!). It’s VERY common in Australia.

The white’s tree frog is quite plump and their skin in soft. The eyes are golden in colour. The hands and legs are very short and they have things like a disc on the tip of the fingers and toes for climbing trees and walls. The tadpoles look like normal tadpoles. The eggs look like they are covered in jelly.

The white’s tree frog is spread through Queensland, Australia and Papua New Guinea.

They are very unafraid of humans and when you feed them, they will often follow you. They make VERY great pets. Unless your mom is afraid of them.


It's rare you see friends like these!
It’s rare you see friends like these! Pic source:

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